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Independent Licensing & Software Asset Management Consultants

A Software Asset Management service; manages and optimises the purchases, deployment, maintenance, utilization and disposal of software applications within an organisation – throughout all stages of their lifecycle to provide the solution to the puzzle.

With licensing and maintenance costs rising and vendor audits becoming more frequent, managing an organisation’s software assets has never been a higher priority.

Ever changing landscape of software licensing

Software License rules are constantly evolving with new version releases and running multiple versions of software can lead to confusion with compliance. New rules are evolving with subscription-based licenses, creating new issues for IT departments such as how to manage licenses as people move within an organisation or move on and reallocating these licenses.

Migrating to the cloud also poses new licensing issues with understanding how on-premise licenses can be utilised in Azure – such as using the Hybrid use benefit for Windows Server and SQL. Optimising your cloud environment to maximise cost savings, monitoring usage so that you are not overpaying for licenses.

We are independent Software Asset Management Consultants, we are not a software reseller and we don’t carry sales targets. Being independent means, we have no hidden agenda and we firmly believe this sets us apart. We work for our clients taking the time to understand what is currently owned, what is installed and future planning.

We provide a personal service and solutions to complement your existing in-house staff becoming part of your team to help manage your software assets.

The SAM Club offer simple impartial advice helping you navigate software asset management.

Our Services are charged on a quarterly fee basis, so you know exactly what to budget. As a club – every member pays a fair and reasonable fee. We can also assist companies on a project basis for Microsoft reviews, license transfers for mergers and acquisitions and assistance with recycling software license assets.


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