Microsoft volume licensing Price Increases from 1st October 2018

Microsoft has announced that it will be adjusting pricing for Microsoft volume licensing programs and making price adjustments to on-premises and cloud products with effect from its 1st October price lists.

Microsoft volume licensing
This extract from Microsoft states that these pricing changes include:

  • Establishing a single, consistent starting price across all programs aligned to web direct for online services (OLS)
  • Removing the programmatic volume discounts (Level A and Open Level C) in Enterprise Agreement (EA)/EA Subscription, MPSA, Select/ Select Plus, and Open programs (Open, Open Value, Open Value Subscription)
  • Aligning government pricing for on-premises and online services to the lowest commercial price in EA/EAS, MPSA, Select Plus, and Open Programs
  • Delivering a newly designed Customer Price Sheet that better outlines how a customer’s price was derived (applies to Enterprise & Enterprise Subscription Agreements).In conjunction with the programmatic pricing changes, several changes to product pricing will be made, including:
  • Office 2019 commercial prices will increase 10 percent over current on-premises pricing
  • The price increase will include Office client, Enterprise CAL, Core CAL, and server products

In addition, Windows 10 Enterprise E3 offers will be renamed:

  • E3 will now refer to the per user offer only- Windows 10 Enterprise E3 per User becomes Windows 10 Enterprise E3
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 per Device becomes Windows 10 Enterprise (In The SAM Club’s SAM Workbooks we’ll make it clear that these subscriptions are on a device basis).
  • The price of Windows 10 Enterprise will be raised to match the price of Windows 10 Enterprise E3
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E5 per device will be discontinued

Each of these changes will be reflected on the October 2018 pricelists, with preview on the September 2018 pricelist.

Notes from The SAM Club:-

  1. If your organisation has an Enterprise Agreement, then these price changes will not affect products and services included in your agreement until its expiry date. Your organisation has price protection until the end of your agreement as covered in your Customer Price Sheet (CPS).
  2. If you have an MPSA Agreement & you might need to purchase additional licenses then it would be worthwhile doing so before the end of September.
  3. As Windows 10 Enterprise E3 per device pricing will become the same as Windows 10 E3 per user licensing, then for many organisations the per user plan becomes more attractive as each user can have multiple devices both in and out of their office.

At The SAM Club, we are actively working with our clients on Microsoft renewals or infrastructure refresh plans to ensure this information is considered and taken into account.  To learn more about how we work with our clients and provide independent and unbiased advice, have a look at our client references and for more info please get in touch

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