SAM Club Kickers – August Manager of the Month

With the Fantasy Premier League in full swing it’s time to announce the SAM Club Kickers Manager of the Month for August. No prizes available for this one it’s just the satisfaction of being at the top!

Ben Davies from Ultima with his team Lily & **’s Legends are top of the leader board, well done Ben you are the August Manager of the Month. Don’t get too comfortable though, there are a few Managers hot on your tail, with Jamie Taylor’s team Benteke FriedChicken only 6 points behind and Sam Harper’s FC Clunge only 7 points behind.

SAM Club Kickers August Manager of the Month

Good luck to everyone for September, Manager of the Month could be you. To help keep focused here is an inspiring quote from Thierry Henry, “In football you always get judged on your last game. Whoever you are, or how amazing you are, it’s the last game that everyone has seen.”

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