SAM Club Kickers Fantasy Premier League Winner announced

What a final week of the season… Great comebacks from both Liverpool and Spurs in the Champions League to reach the final. And then Arsenal and Chelsea also getting through to the final of the Europa League. With all the talk about Brexit, it is a bit ironic that English Clubs are dominating European Football….

Back to the Premiership – what a season for both Manchester City and Liverpool. It is amazing that Liverpool’s 97 points would have won them every single Premier League title apart from last season and this season. So Manchester City have won the Premiership for the last two seasons.

Now onto The SAM Club Kickers final positions. And it is congratulations to Jonathan Bush who takes the title for the 2nd year running…..emulating Manchester City. The trophy will be on its way to you shortly.

Have a great summer, keep an eye on the transfer activity (unless you are a Chelsea fan….although it looks like Hazard is on his way!) and look out for information on next seasons Fantasy Football Competition.

Noticed how Ian has managed to get himself in the top 10 snapshot 😉

SAM Club Kickers Fantasy Premier league winner

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