SAM Workbook

Ideal for organisations as an introduction to Software Asset Management.

The SAM Workbook provides a multi-page Excel spreadsheet as a data repository to document your organisations software assets, providing additional spreadsheets “single pane view” pages documenting your Microsoft agreements, MyVMware, MyVeritas portals etc. plus compliance checks on Windows Server, SQL Server plus and other supporting information.

  • SAM Workbook to manage and track assets
  • Regular review meetings to discuss requirements
  • Management of all software vendor assets
  • Monthly updates on Software renewals due
  • Liaison with software vendors & resellers
  • Regular review of vendors licensing portals
  • Compliance checks and assistance with vendor audits
  • Potential Resale of unwanted/redundant Microsoft Licenses

Ready to find out more?

Whether it is for a SAM compliance check, a review of an existing software agreement or to discuss The SAM Club services in greater detail, we would love to hear from you.