Ideal for organisations using Microsoft Office 365 subscription licensing

SAM4SaaS Manage and optimise Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions

SAM4SaaS is our optimisation service for clients using Microsoft Office 365 and M365 subscriptions. It utilises a cloud-based tool that tracks and analyses usage of Microsoft 365 subscriptions, to help maximise the value from the investment, identify optimisation opportunities and any surplus licenses that can lead to savings on licensing costs.

The SaaS products that are included in the service are Microsoft Office 365 and its Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Sharepoint & Yammer component applications.

On a rolling monthly basis, the SAM4SaaS service presents and maintains key data such as: –

  • Percentage of actual users v. number of subscriptions.
  • Number of users utilising each component application.
  • Value of subscriptions/accounts that can be deleted and re-assigned to new users.
  • The Surplus Value, i.e., licenses not assigned to any users and, therefore, are surplus.
  • The Optimisation Value achievable by moving some users to lower value subscriptions.
  • Total potential cost savings and Cumulative Savings to Date achieved by actioning monthly recommendations.
  • Lapsed users, i.e., those assigned a subscription that have become inactive.
  • Users not using component applications allocated to them.
  • Users potentially on the wrong subscription.
  • Users with more devices than permitted, i.e., non-compliance.
  • Users with multiple accounts.
  • Teams Features Usage Analysis.

The data is maintained in a SAM4SaaS Workbook enabling progress to be monitored on recommended actions, potential savings, and compliance.

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