VMware : Country of Use vs Country of Purchase

vmware country use vs country purchase

Working with our Software Asset Management clients we regularly come across new licensing rules that can catch organisations out as they have not necessarily been made aware, VMware is a prime example.

Did you know that unless your organisation has an Enterprise License Agreement with VMware, there are strict rules for compliance around the country or region a license was purchased in and the country of use for the license?

We found a copy of the VMware end user license agreement and under Section 1.14 it states, “Territory” means the country or countries in which you have been invoiced. So, for example if you have been invoiced within any of the European Economic Area member states, you may deploy the corresponding Software throughout the European Economic Area.

Unless you have been explicit with your reseller partner in stating the country or region of your VMware purchase or they know the specific rules around VMWare licensing, you may find your organisation is non-compliant.

Note: vCenter licenses purchased in the EEC can be used to manage vSphere licenses purchased and used in a different region for example.

Another potential issue arises with the management of the licenses within the MyVMware portal. For licenses purchased for a specific country or region, do you annotate the notes section for the license within the portal?

Setting up specific folders for locations can help ensure the licenses purchased for a specific region are managed correctly. Without proper management of your VMware licenses, it can be easy to get into a mess and become non-compliant.

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