Our SAM Service

We offer two packaged SAM Services to manage your Software Assets.  Both our Standard Service and/or Compliance Service can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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Are you Microsoft Audit ready?

It is generally accepted that Microsoft Audits are on the increase. We have seen firms from 100 + users being audited every 2 years.

At The SAM Club we are used to assisting our clients through this time consuming process.  Do you do internal reviews or do you just wait to be audited?  We can help you take the worry out of the unknown.

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Software License Projects

Whether you are a new Head of IT and wanting to understand your software license position, or have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement due for renewal and looking for impartial advice. The SAM Club can help you through the process and explain your licensing and options to you.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

This can be an extremely busy time bringing together or splitting the various applications & IT infrastructure used by the organisation. We can provide advice and guidance on software licensing and ensure the licenses are in the relevant organisation name(s).

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Your ROI is immediate.

Our aim is to save you money, whether this is by license optimisation, re-harvesting of licenses, re-selling redundant Microsoft licenses on your behalf, vetting renewal quotes, advising of forthcoming price increases etc. We will save you more money than our fees!