SQL Server 2005 : End of Support 12 APRIL 2016

As the end of support for SQL Server 2005 draws close, The SAM Club highlights the 2 types of support Microsoft offers during a product lifecycle: Mainstream Support and Extended Support.

Mainstream Support is typically available for 4 to 5 years after product release. In the case of SQL Server 2005, Mainstream support ended April 2011 and included:

  • Paid incident support
  • Security updates
  • No-charge incident support
  • Non-security hotfix support
  • Design changes/feature requests

Warranty claims Currently Microsoft offers Extended Support which includes only a few of the Mainstream Support options. SQL 2005 Extended Support which ends on 12th April 2016 includes:

  • Security updates
  • Paid-per incident support
  • Ongoing use of Microsoft Knowledge base

Thereafter Microsoft will offer custom support contracts but there are high priced.

Click here for further information on Microsoft Product Lifecycle dates.

How can The SAM Club help?

  • Work with us to get your Server Summary spreadsheet up to date within your SAM Workbook. Within this we complete a SQL Server license reconciliation which either confirms you are compliant or identifies any additional SQL Server licenses required.
  • We can provide budgetary figures for new licensing and obtain competitive licensing quotes to upgrade your SQL Servers. We will make sure you only purchase what you actually need to be compliant.
  • We can help with cash flow by ensuring your orders are only placed when the licenses are required.
  • We can provide cost comparisons between the server & CAL licensing model compared to the SQL 4 Core model to determine the better option for your organisation
  • We can advise if you need software assurance cover for license mobility

New Licensing Rules for Windows Server & System Center 2016

In December 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows Server 2016 (& System Center 2016) will be licensed with a core & CAL model.  What does this mean to you and your existing licenses covered by Software Assurance?

The new licensing rules state that all the physical cores for Windows Server 2016 Standard & Datacenter Editions will need to be licensed as follows:

  • Minimum of 8 core licenses required for each processor
  • Minimum of 16 core licenses required for each server
  • Core licenses will be sold in packs of two

Note:  The two core pack for each edition is 1/8th the price of a two processor license for the corresponding 2012 R2 Edition.

Windows Server Standard & Datacenter Edition 2 processor licenses with Software Assurance will be exchanged for a  minimum of 8 two-core pack licenses (16 core licenses) or the actual number of physical cores in use.

Some additional Windows Server 2016 licensing information:

  • Hyper-threading doesn’t change the number of core licenses required
  • Disabled processors do not need to be licensed
  • Nested virtualisation (running a VM in a VM) is licensed as two virtual machines
  • There will be an External Connector licence
  • The Nano Server deployment option requires no additional licensing

    If you are in an existing licensing agreement with Microsoft, such as an Enterprise Agreement or Server and Cloud Enrolment, you will be able to continue to purchase processor licenses through to the end of the agreement term.The SAM Club will assist its clients at the end of an agreement to perform a self-inventory to document the number of physical cores in each processor that are licensed with Windows Server processor licenses with SA.  This will ensure our clients receive the appropriate number of core licenses for their deployments.

    We have updated the Windows Server Summary sheets in clients’ SAM Workbooks to accommodate this.

January 2016 Newsletter

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