Check your Adobe Cloud User Subscriptions before automatically renewing

If your organisation uses Adobe Cloud DC and CC products it can pay to check your user subscriptions before automatically renewing all subscriptions for another year. Users may have left your organisation, changed their roles or may no longer be using the products assigned to them.

Adobe cloud licensing

If an employee has left and their replacement is awaiting appointment you can always cancel the previous user’s subscription and take out a new subscription later on for their replacement.

Your Adobe Cloud Licensing Portal will tell you if you have any spare subscriptions that do not have users assigned to them, so in some cases licenses can be reassigned or cancelled if they are not in use.

If your organisation has a Service Agreement with The SAM Club (and you use Adobe Cloud products) we will automatically send you a reminder on a timely basis prior to your annual renewal. We perform on-going Health Checks on your Adobe Cloud licensing portal to check the usage versus what is licensed.

In one case, by performing a Health Check prior to an annual renewal, we reduced the renewal fee from £10,000 to £6000 by reviewing usage and licensing options for a new client.

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